Thanks again! Bridgette had a blast and hasn't stopped bragging on how good she did. Having a fun day like that with my daughter is beyond words. You have no idea what that trip meant to me.

Jim Conners

We keep telling everyone about what a great time we had! We have decided that we need to do it again in the future.

Tammy Webster

Thanks again for the guide trip on Monday. We had a great time. You were patient with the boys, passed along good content expertise, and GOT US TO THE FISH.

Jeff McCreary

Thanks for the great day of fishing. Two individual inshore grand slams, despite less than ideal conditions. Awesome! We look forward to another trip soon.

Hank Goddard

You did great! Our client had a blast and it really helped us build that relationship. Who knows, you might even get some business from him down road as well. Thanks again and I will be calling on you again.

Ben PerelmuterNational Dir. - Ambridge Hospitality

Laura and I had such a great time last week. By the time we got back to Arkansas her whole home town wanted to know all about the fish she caught! Thank you so much for making sure she had a good time sharing one of my favorite past times. She’s already talking about going again!!!

John Lindsey

Thanks again for a fun day of fishing. The 20 or so trout we caught in the morning certainly started the day off right and that nice Red that you helped my brother catch simply made his day! Really enjoyed fishing with you and you can bet we’ll be back next year, hopefully for some big Reds again next time!

Scott Fedale

Best fishing trip we have ever been on. Steve, Tim, Bill and Tom want to thank you for a fun filled and action packed day on the water. The pictures say it best.

Steve Morgan

Clay- thanks again for the trip….it was a blast and it has left us plenty to talk about for the next year! Let’s plan on fishing it again next year!

Zach Graham

Thanks so much for your fabulous fishing expertise and an all around wonderful fishing experience! Can't get over how many different kinds of fish we hooked into. However, the trout we caught were the best and grilled up great!!!! Can't wait to do it again next year.

Nancy Waldorf

I just wanted to say thank you for another great trip. I can't stop thinking about those tarpon flying thru the air. I know my friend Tony is ready to do it again. I know what you said about clients being friends and want you to know that when I tell people about going to Florida to fish, I tell them I have a friend that takes me out. Then I tell them you are a guide. I think that was the 6th or 7th time I have fished with you and I've never been disappointed. I was a little disappointed we didn't get to meet your son Cade but maybe next time. My arm feels ready to do it again. Again thank you so much!!!

Scott Johnson